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hi all this is my blog it will publish the activities for my English level 5 URBE.
well my name is Mayerlin Chacin but my friends call me Maye. I'm from Maracaibo, Venezuela. I live in Cuatricentenario first stage. Public Accounts URBE study. I like reading, music, and cooking. My favorite actor is Jet Li. My favorite sport is Iker Casillas.

I hate injustice, vices like smoking or drinking excessively, the violence, among other things.
My long term dream would be to get married and start a home. my dream to be graduating mid-term and practice my profession. other hand, I'd love to hear Italy is one of my biggest dreams.

With regard to English I think I like the language is now imperative for society.
Well thanks for visiting my blog I'll be posting new activities. thank you very much.
carefully: Mayerlin Chacin

sábado, 29 de mayo de 2010

good for now but soon I'll post more firing activities of my English level 4. bye!

attentively MAYERLIN CHACIN.! ;-)

* Hero from the movies.

Spider-Man is a superhero created in 1962 by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko for one of the cartoons in the number 15 of the comic book "Amazing Fantasy", whose secret identity is Peter Parker. This has happened, with the passage of time, a shy high school student to become a married professor and member of the group of superheroes called the New Avengers.


Peter has always had great intelligence, with great skills in physics and chemistry, graduating in biochemistry from the State University. After being bitten by radioactive spider, also won the following superhuman powers: A great strength, agility and endurance. The strength of Spider-Man allows you to lift up to 10 more. Thanks to this great force Spider-Man can jump very high and move through the city swaying in her web (which was created by him). A "spider sense" which lets you know if a threat hanging over him before it happens. Sometimes some super-villains to neutralize this ability, such as Venom or Carnage, by their symbiotic condition prior to the wall-crawler (only Venom), evade his spider sense. While Parker was linked to the symbiote, their webs were generated without cartridges and this gave him to be Spider-Man the ability to change clothes at will. In an adventure in the collection The Spectacular Spider-Man that was part of the events known as Avengers: Separated (Avengers: Disassembled), Peter Parker gained the ability to generate their own webs by a mutation caused by a poisonous kiss against their will by the Queen. Since then he has dispensed with its lanzarredes. From the saga of The Other, the abilities of Spider-Man was released, finally feeling like his powers could be applied without restriction, which is much faster and stronger than it was before. Apart from this, discover new things about their former powers, and that not only adheres to the walls by the hands and feet, but by any part of your body. Besides, is able to see in the dark like some spiders and even in combat situations and / or stress, you go around the wrist stingers that inject paralyzing poison their enemies and to serve in the fight. He developed his instincts more arachnids, which acts more as a hunter and is driven more by the needs of "spider." After the events of Brand New Day, Spider-Man again have the same powers and the same limitations as before to be kissed by the Queen and being almost killed by Morlun.

* Local Hero.

really believe that the situation in which the country is currently no local heroes. I think maybe this is wrong.

* Personal Hero.

for me my personal hero is my mom because she has been father and mother. I have been brought forward and I was able to guide. advise me. with me when I need it in the worst moments always there to "save." also when I am watching over me and gives me all her love. has struggled to give me everything I needed was in charge of my life that nothing is missing. that is why the name or personal hero.